Wtf do you outside of SL?

Well, a whole lot of nothing and everything. Internet was turned off. And RL was the norm again. I work, pay bills, grocery shop.


Being an adult sucks. No one told us, bunch of fuckers.

Internet turned back on. Now what? No idea. I’m lost. The world again has changed, and at the same time stayed the same. How boring. Nothing is really new, it’s just different. Or is it just me that’s changed? Probably. I feel like I need a new blog, a new subject, a better topic, a better online presence (or maybe not one at all)… Thoughts? Please comment, I don’t know if I should come back or not…



A Short, Kinda Long, Hoodie History.

So typically this has been a strictly SL Gor blog. Which has been fun. But I get bored…easily. That’s typically why I write this blogs, because there’s nothing else going on and I just can’t stand sitting here with nothing to do. So I pull up the blog and just begin to write about what ever fancies me.

Well today I figured I’d write about the usual; where is Hoodie in SL?

I’ve been checking out this place.


Newsflash, I don’t think anyone starts SL and just immediately starts in Gor… If they do, well then damn son, you went in guns blazing.

When I first joined SL, thanks to my RL friend Ermac Sabra, I was introduced to, of course, Bloodlines! Who doesn’t know about Bloodlines!? It was my settling in stage, of learning how to rezz a box, open it and throw it on. At this point in my secondlife I did not know about Gor, I didn’t know about OpenCollar, I didn’t know about the sexual side.

I know I was so young and innocent!

But of course, there was that gateway drug already administered, I was already hooked. I loved SL as soon as I started. Surprisingly, if you can’t tell, I’m not super social in the real world. So here was this little window that I could connect to and disconnect whenever I felt like it. And so began the descent into SL Hell and Corruption.

I was in a Bloodlines clan, I was new, but those crazy vampires taught me so much. SO MUCH. They helped me get dressed, they gave me lindens, they helped me set up my preferences, they taught me the way of SL. And then I found myself a vampire as well. I began to go out and meet more people, outside the circle of friends that Ermac could approve as not creepers or malicious. I collected blood and souls, I was rising in the ranks of a clan that I thought was bad ass.

When I got bored, or no one was online, I started to explore more. I ventured into places that typically made me cringe, or that I enjoyed thoroughly. I’m a sucker for a beautiful empty sim. The kind that look like they are set up to be memorials or quiet places.

I’ve always been a fan of fantasy (big surprise there). So I started checking them out. I eventually joined the group at one and I began my life as a human, being that that was all I knew how to play. I got bored and started an elf. I got bored again, I played a dryad. And then a RL friend gave me a box of books. A very special box. A box of Drizzt Do’Urden Books.

Oh yes… Yes people. I went dark. I went Dark Elf. Drow. Ilythiiri. AND I LIKED IT.


So yeah, it was a blast. But occasionally I’d get bored, so I’d wander. And just like where all good things go to die…I wound up in Gor. I was so terrified of going there at first because of all the horror stories that I’d heard, that I made an atrocious male avatar on an alternative account. Yep. I did. And I stepped in, I found out it wasn’t too bad. But I was terrible at roleplaying a man. I sucked at it. I could not get the real hang of it. So then Hoodie, my poor little pixelated soldier went in.

Yep, that’s me. And that’s my intro to Gor. RUN BITCH. Oh shit…white gurl down!

But yeah, I finally got the hang of it. I finally could handle myself in most of the situations that GE Gor throws at you, which is a pretty wide variety. So I got situated. And I began spending more and more time in Gor, I kind of left my old friends behind. I settled in Gor, and my inventory really proves that. I didn’t have much in the way or Urban or Fantasy clothes anymore. I had more or realistic textures, browns and blacks, stuff to cover up the skin, things to look “acceptable” in Gor. It was strange now that I think about it.

But as usual…I got bored. So I did a walk-about, checking out other sims. And not just Gor ones. I wandered farther out. I tried going back and checking out all my old haunts, many of which either no longer exist or have moved and become something new and different. I spent a lot of time sitting on a sandbox, just looking at all the things in my inventory…clothes, accessories, and yeah, I went back and read through a lot of my old notecards or old roleplays and funny things.

I felt like a good break, while still being in SL would be fun. So I started up in the Realm of Luth. And so far, the group here is fun. We have humans, elves, dragons, drow, demons, critters, and way more that I haven’t discovered yet. It’s exciting really. It’s not just “Oh look, a man, he must be a Jarl/Master/Sir/Commander/Raider.” It’s more like “Wtf is that, and can it kill me?”

I feel like we all kind of walk around looking at each other like this, wondering if the other one can kill us, or is thinking about killing us.


So yeah, I greatly encourage everyone to take some time and do other shit. I mean if you’re going to sit on your ass in front of your computer, do something different sometimes. Try newer things in SL, you’ll be both terrified, and surprised at what you find, even with all the good, the bad, the creepy, the ugly, and well…the really fucked up shit.

So get out of Gor sometimes, go back to where you first teleported to. Check out the things you left behind. Reminiscing is good.

And just for more of a throwback… If there is someone, something or somewhere you’d like to hear my review about, please, send me a message here, comment, or contact me in-world. Search Hoodwink Enimo, drop a notecard as IM’s get capped.

Later SL’ers. I’m waiting for messages!

Group Leaders/Commanders/Chieftains/Jarls/Ubars

So you think you want to start a group in Secondlife eh?

Oh and you want to start a group in SL Gor?

Well then. Alright! Way to be motivated and really have the drive to do something completely stupid and insanely, ridiculously hard. Props dude!

Ok, so how do you start a group? Well here’s the easy rundown.

1. Under Contacts, look at your Groups tab.

2. A button inside the Groups tab is called Create. Upon clicking it this will show up!


3. Here you can Name your group, insert a picture that will be the image associated with your group, give a description and decide all kinds of factors in how you will operate your group.

Sounds exciting doesn’t it?

IT’S NOT. Well to be honest, in the beginning it is. It is a little exciting to start to think of what a group of like-minded people could accomplish. You get to pick a sweet-ass name, you can design some stellar logo that will ultimately make other people a little jealous, and you can really get your ideas off the ground.

So you make your group. You set all the permissions that seem to make sense to you. You ignore the crap that makes no sense to you, I mean by the time you get this group off the ground, you’ll know everything, right? WRONG. I’ll hit on this again in a bit…

So you set your tags and you pick something great like “UBAR OF AWESOMENESS” or “CHIEFTESS OF BADASS BISHES”

First things first. YOU’RE DOING IT WRONG.(Unless you’re going for pure combat and only a running, hilarious pew-pew group, I’d avoid those tags and the like.)

Alright, the first idea you really need to have when you make a groups is if your Group tag and Name come across as being either “eh, kinda cool” or “ew wut a tool” as you hang out at the Gor Hub trying to fish for idiots stupid enough to join your group. We are talking about what other people are going to see and think. And you need to face the Music at this point. If you are leading a group YOU are the FACE of your group. Everyone will be looking at you. If this is starting to remind you of a dream where you are naked back in your high school, it should.

This is where we weed out the weak from the strong. Being a leader is A LOT of work. A shit ton. A Metric Shit Ton. If you don’t like making choices, you need to find someone else who can. If you don’t like making the tough decisions, you cannot, and should not lead.

Here is the daily dosage of shit that a Group Leader in SL Gor deals with:

1. Newbies. (They wanna play to, but they need help…with everything. This includes rezzing items, opening boxes, putting clothes on, fixing their hair, learning the do’s and don’t of Secondlife, learning about Gor in general, and also learning about the kind of group they are in.)

2. Oldies. (Who preach about how things were done in the “Old Days”. Sometimes grumpy, typically bored. Usually end up writing a stupid blog. {Like this one!})

3. Pew-pew’ers. (Both those that are in your group and against your group. They are like CoD addicts but worse. They typical do not want anything with a /me or any kind of roleplay whatsoever. They tend to push the rules and boundaries everywhere with everything, because to them, combat is the game, and winning is the goal.)

4. Roleplayers. (Those who want nothing to do with combat. You will find your diehards who would rather even roleplay their fights out. And yes, I mean they will -/me unsheathes their swords with flourish after their years of training under a famous swordfighter, and set their feet in the appropriate stance to better win.- Yes, that’s a thing.

5. Whiners. Complainers. Cry-babies. Wimps. (They will complain about anything and anyone. They will constantly be in your private messages and in the group chat talking about what has bothered them now. They also expect you to fix everything, all the time, no matter what.)

6. Drama Llamas. (Gossip, drama, inner-group arguments, outer-group arguments, petty squabbling, they will start shit just to start shit.)

7. Raiders. (Many will come, many will conquer, and many will hold a grudge if you manage to fend them off or if you whoop some ass. This is just something that will happen all the time. You will be accused of cheating, of being a douche, of having an unfair build, of not doing things how you should for a raiding group.)

8. Moderators. (If you become successful enough to have Moderators, well done, however, while they help to deal with issues that don’t specifically need you, they will be in constant contact in order to keep the peace and make sure they are making choices that coincide with what their fearless leader would want. Sometimes, their ability to be fair will be tested, and they may not possess the qualities to uphold the rules, often letting things slide or playing favorites.)

9. Land Owners. (So if you aren’t successful enough to own your land that probably means that you either rent or have met someone who lets you take up space on their land. They have their own rules for how their land is used, who gets to be there, and what gets built there. There are rules for how many prims you can have on sim, how many scripts, and how many people before the sim gets too full. Parcels are a bitch, and that means that they are pain in the ass but they always have to be dealt with.)

10. Linden Labs. (If there is any issues with your group, your land, or if there are complaints about you that go to Linden Labs they will send a Linden out to talk to you, they will inspect everything and they will pass a judgement on you. Sometimes this can mean that you change things, or they can even block your IP from even logging in. They can, and will take your account and delete it.)

11. Friends. (Yes, you will have to deal with your friends. Some may think they get an automatic spot in a lesser leadership role in your group. They may want extra things and special treatment, because I mean, come on, you guys have been friends for like ever, and they totally gave you that L300 for that weapon you really wanted that one time. Trust me, this happens. You’re friends can easily become frenemies, or completely turn their backs on you for many reasons.)

12. Critics. (Anyone on the outside looking in, who will want to tell you how to run your group and how they did it and how they would do things.)

13. People wanting to Join. (They will have questions, especially if they haven’t read your note cards available for your group or gone through the process of joining. They may be alt’s of friends or enemies. They are new to you or old to you and you need to be able to make time for them or point them in the direction of someone who can help them.

14. People who Leave. (For whatever their reason is, it is important to pay attention to why people are leaving. Maybe it is your build- maybe they don’t like your fort or village. Maybe its the group- maybe they don’t feel included or they don’t like the style. Maybe it’s you- maybe they didn’t connect with you or they got a bad experience during a time when you weren’t your most calm and steady. These people will ultimately spread word about what kind of group and leader they just left. What do you think they might say?)

There should be!

So are you prepared to kiss your social life good bye? Are you ready to longer be apart of stories or combat? Are you ready to stand in one spot, usually in a skybox, above sim, and not move so that you can keep the multitude of im’s in your message box answered, to keep the peace, to keep your group afloat? If you think any of these examples or the list above is ridiculous…just wait. You’ll see, and you’ll either create an alt in order to escape the chains of command, or you’ll give up your leadership tag to someone else who thinks they can hack it.

Because inevitably you will end up as an Oldie, sitting there watching noobs and the dramatic players go by thinking to yourself ‘You have no idea princess, back in my day I was the real deal, and people respected me, people feared me.’. But they have no idea. And there’s probably no one around to tell them. So you end up just despising them and wanting nothing to do with them.

And this is where I leave you little Gorean. Think about this, can you do it? Do you have the mental fortitude needed to withstand this kind of bullshit? Plenty of bag o’ dicks do it and manage to not lose their hair. Not their inworld hair anyways. 😉

Pani Gor, an exploration.

So a good friend of mine has been working on this sim called WarSong.

It’s actually really pretty. I think they did a good job on it. And I’m not talking raiding tactics or anything like that, but strictly aesthetics. Bamboo, water, jaguars, banzai trees… All pretty cool. And the layout of the builds is distinctly Asian inspired. I have not read the Norman book about Pani Gor, so I know hardly anything about the culture here. But so far I’ve simply hung about and been quiet. No raiding or capturing for me these days.



I think the static figures are a nice touch too. Some might judge me for that, but hanging out on an empty sim is boring, but you can fake it if there are mannequins about. And really the little added plots for role play is cool. It’s hard to find decent places that really cater to more story line rather than just being easily defended and thrown together to make it work.


Another thing that I like about the sim is that it appears to have individual housing for the WarSong group that resides here. I’m a HUGE fan of having a private role play space. Or somewhere to simply go AFK safely or to remove yourself from the main population to sit OOC for a bit. It’s a huge bonus. As much as apartment style rooms within a fortress guarantee safety from raids and the whole stranger danger issue, it really limits not only the ability to role play with newcomers and visitors on the sim, but you hardly want to be having a quiet pleasant story going while a couple next door plays with furniture that announces the different sits and movements.


Currently I have not truly met any of the group that run this sim other than my friend who is a moderator here. But I have their raiding channel and been privy to small bits of conversation. These people, at first impression, are quite kind. Playful with an ease about them, they appear to be all decent gamers. When I did chance to listen to their raid they were helpful to each other and looked after one another.

So far my exploration continues… Wish me luck!





It’s been a while. Quite a while. (2 years almost). I’ve been out in the Real World for some time, working on myself, my life, and my home life. I gotta say I’m pretty happy where my life is these days. And yeah that means I haven’t been alt-ing or playing other games, I’ve been completely out of cyberspace.

After my absence from SL and other games I’ve learned how to have more fun in regular daily life without internet and internet friends (not to say that I still don’t totally appreciate and love my internet friends). It’s been a fun experience.

Though, I gotta say, I’ve missed being in the world. It’s been a long time since I really stepped back into it. And today was my first day kind of back. I wouldn’t really say I’m “back-back”. I think I’m just visiting.

See, the thing about SL is that nothing ever really changes. It’s always the same. Sure, the items, avatars and clothes change, and they are always building new things, coming up with newer faster coding, making finer mesh…but that is all material. The thing that never changes are the people, those behind the avatars.

We all come and go. The people you remember might still be there, or they might be gone, or they quit playing their old avatars. But the situations never change. It’s always the same. That might be what drives me the most crazy about SL; it’s like sitting in a bar. You order the same drink, you listen to the same music, you get hit on by the same kind of guys/girls. It’s probably why it’s so comfortable to play for years at a time, it’s a constant. You wear what is fashionable, you get the new weapons, you use the lingo that has been used since day one, you fight and argue with the same people that rubbed you wrong since forever ago.


But alas, I regress…

I logged in today. Out of boredom? Curiosity? Stupidity? I dunno.

Do I consider myself BACK? Nah son. I’m just here.

2012 in review

The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2012 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

600 people reached the top of Mt. Everest in 2012. This blog got about 4,800 views in 2012. If every person who reached the top of Mt. Everest viewed this blog, it would have taken 8 years to get that many views.

Click here to see the complete report.

Happy Xmas and Merry Holidays

I mean…Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

I just want to wish everyone a safe and happy holiday filled with family, happiness, and maybe a few presents. Be careful of drivers, snow drifts, and other drunk people.

“Where’d Prancer go with my fuggin’ ride?”

And for all the kajira/kajirus, bonds, slaves, sluts and well…anyone else in a collar, hopefully you find yourself like this in a place you want to be.

All wrapped up purdy!

Annnd of course I will be out tonight celebrating and having a good time. What ever holiday you celebrate tonight I hope you enjoy it and get to spend time away from your computer. No one should be sitting at their desk all night without having friends and a bit of Christmas cheer to pass around. And if you are at your desk all night, then make sure the friends you hang out with on SL are the ones you like the best.

Merry Christmas from Hoodie


Oh my lovely readers, how long it has been! And guess what, your fearless writer has fallen back on the fucking wagon that is SL Gor and all that it entails!!! I know I said I wasn’t gonna come back and that it was a bad addiction, but hey, it’s not like its herion and it bad for my health…well at times, when I binge on Mt. Dew and Swedish Fish but…eh, its not so bad…


So I’m back, even if its for short periods of time and who knows how long I will actually stay online. But yes, I have joined a group called the Damu Hekalu Mambas and Marauders of Peregrine Cliffs. I have to say I really like the build, although I’m sure that Hemloc would have a few things to say about it for sure, but all things considered, I think its fun and actually kind of pretty while serving many roleplay and combat purposes. But I want to talk about Mambas for a bit.

"Ukucathula" - a beginner.
“Ukucathula” – a beginner.
“Kazriel” – (Hoodwink Enimo)
Serenity (Jadee Serenity)
A deadly Female Mamba.
Matega (Ricard Collas)
A strong Askari

As you can see the Mamba’s I hang out with are very tribal, very “earthy” and very well…brutal in their dress, tactics and characteristics. I gotta say I like ’em so far.

My past experiences with Mambas was generally blind terror…mostly with the idea of being captured and eaten by them. Mambas are the cannibals of Gor, and are a terror to be given a respectable amount of space and distance. But there is a lot about mambas that I am learning as I go. To me this should be a new adventure, which I haven’t had in SL Gor in a long time. I’ve likely played and done as many roles as I thought I could handle and this is a new one; one that I am really looking forward to. So far the group I’ve joined up with has been excellent to raid and rescue with, but we’ll see how well their roleplay and storylines are. In truth that is where most of my heart lies…is with the roleplay, the stories and the dynamic characters I meet along the way.

So here’s to fresh starts, new beginnings…and FOR SCIENCE!

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Long Time, No See!

So, it’s been an insanely long time since I’ve written or blogged at all. Personally, I find when you get knocked off the horse you grab that sucker by the mane and get back on! But then again, SL Gor has nothing to do with horses, or vice verse. If it hasn’t been seen or noted, that’s right, I’m back in SL after a nice long hiatus. Believe me, my vacation was good. I enjoyed a lot of the real world. I actually found out that I’m allergic to raw pizza dough…go figure.

Anywho! Tonight’s blog is mostly inspired by insomnia, but I know -PLENTY- of SL users that suffer or rather enjoy the perks of late nights. That being said I will say that in my time away from SL Gor I took a couple nights to really explore other places that house or cater to the virtual gorean. There are plenty of blogs, art/photography, and shit loads of porn. There were a few roleplay websites that offered gorean style roleplay but considering that I’ve always been a GE girl I stumbled over the massive amounts of quotations from John Norman enthusiasts. Now, don’t “Humph!” me on that, I love the concept of Gor, I do. But when creating a gorean character is it really wise to quote from the book about different characters that existed in the gorean realm as law? I understand following the laws set down by Ubar’s and High Jarls and Chieftains. But to quote the book like a bible setting its many many MANY quotes as ways to legitimize your roleplay just never really suited me.

What a beautiful model! Look! Not every SL Gorean is some HUGE fat guy sitting in a basement, hot chicks dig Gor too!

I can’t say that I’ve read the books…I would if I had them in hard copy, but I sadly only have then in a digital version. And staring at a screen and reading small print really kills my eyeballs! I did try looking at my local library and the area library tree. None of my searches were fruitful. I know I can buy the books online, but I’m a cheapskate and I hate spending money on books that I’ve heard so many complain about. Now I will say that I read about half of the first book Tarnsman of Gor. To be totally honest, it was a struggle. Coming from a family where my father has a masters in English, and taking a Novels class early in high school I was never really shown the odd grammar used by John Norman’s characters.

But nevermind…I’ve found the best form of roleplay and gorean style is found right in our SL creations. It’s still flawed…but its the most fun. 🙂 I guess from now on, like my older posts…I’ll be taking requests, comments and inspirations. Let me know guys…what would you wanna read about next? What do I write about now? Lemme know!

→As always, feel free to leave a question or comment about today’s blog. Opinions are encouraged about the subject of the blog.

→I will now be taking recommendations for future HOODENIMO’s. If you know someone interesting please send me an message or leave a comment. Or contact me inworld with Hoodwink Enimo.

[Disclosing private Second Life conversations

Sharing or posting a conversation inworld or in the Second Life forums without consent of all involved Residents is a violation of the Terms of Service.

NOTE: This does not include posting of chat to social media sites or other websites. Posting such logs on web pages, emailing them, or printing them out and posting them on utility poles in the “real world” — are all actions beyond the scope of the Second Life Terms of Service.]


Enabling Aggression. From the ashes of Double X Weapons comes DoomSayers. A rebirth of Gorean Weapons that are low priced but still out perform. DoomSayers: Inexpensive Gorean Weapons and Roleplay Goods.”

(Logo by Syndi Nightfire)

I’m sure that anyone that reads this blog either knows Yavin Miklos or has heard of him. In the case that you don’t know who he is, you’re about to learn! Yavin, along with Hanley Speiser and Doraleous Resident are the creators and company that make up Doomsayers, a new brand for the avid -and- casual combatant in the GM Universe. Yavin has had a few very successful business in SL, Double X and MCM and his work with Doomsayers can only be expected to be as good if not better.

I also got to talk to Hanley a bit about the company and how it got around to being what it is today. “Well, pretty much every of my builds came from my store Warbound which I merged into Xxander’s new Gor system. Currently Xxander has about 50 of my designs that he can release as he wishes to. Basically my role is just to build regular sculpt and prim bows and weapons and then hand them off to Xxander. He’s bringing in a lot of past-experience with his system MCM that has been in existence for 4 years, so he really has a lot of innovative and effective ideas on how to implement low-lag scripting into features that you or I would find very efficient in battle. The continued additions of Mesh products are only helping us to continue our efforts to quickly take a foothold in the Gorean market, and our competitive pricing makes it easy for people out there to spend a little without breaking the bank to find what sets us apart from the rest of the pack, and quite simply, it’s because we’re not in it to turn a large profit, we’re in it for the players.” Hanley told me basically everything I needed to know…almost makes writing this blog pointless when I can paste everything he says and have it create the perfect answers for what anyone wants to know.

It’s nice to know that Doomsayers isn’t in it for the money, they are like Hanley says, “In it for the players.” I can easily see Doomsayers becoming a fast favorite between the experience that comes from three guys working to put all their efforts into a company like this, and the focus they put into making products that are designed to be what a player wants and what a player needs. Between the consistent raids and fights in GE, and the very entertaining honor duels in Btb, I think both sides of SL Gor could benefit from the very smooth scripting in the Doomsayers weapons, plus they’ve released some hilarious weapons like “The Crucifier” which a sinner like me finds hilarious.

We all know there are a few big hitters in the GM Weapons industry; Primus Weapons run by Thord Karu, LR Weapons by Allia Lane (found here) and Vo Fhang Weapons (found here) by Tungsten Engineer. It seems everyone has a favorite brand and a good reason for it, some would say that LR and Vo Fhang don’t lag in big raids, but it always seems that everyone owns at least one Primus weapon. I just checked and I actually own 11 Primus weapons. How I ended up having that many I have no idea, but I also own one LR blow gun and a Vo Fhang bow. Looking more into the world of weapons in the GM Universe I discovered more stores that I had only seen on a few; H&S Designs (Harbinger & Stormie Designs) and a store I was pretty excited about; Centipede Weapons.

I asked Yavin what could possibly set his weapon line apart from that of the usual high standards like Primus, his answer was pretty good.

Innovation I guess. I’ve always tried to make stuff that wasn’t very common. When I used to run Double X, I used to make a lot of interesting things. I never liked being a red dress in a sea of red dresses. Which is why when I started Doomsayers I made the typical stuff to start out, bows, swords, spears but as soon as I had a few of them done I started making unique things. Like my Javlin or the Goblin Axes. I think I’ve also got an advantage because I actively fight so I tend to have first hand experience on what it’s currently like to go out raiding.” ~Yavin Miklos

Yavin and Doomsayers isn't in this picture...but if he was, it'd be a blue dress I bet.

Yavin Miklos: I want to be that that guy, that when you say “Oh I wish there was a…. ” someone else says “Yeah DoomSayers has one of those”

Doomsayers had started making and building mesh bows and using mesh arrows. Now a lot of people like to complain and say that mesh is laggy or not as good as the old prim arrows. But people, come on, mesh is the new thing, and even Yavin says it’s not a phase, it’s here to stay and as soon as the next updated viewer is released. “Mesh produces higher detail objects and cost less to render then sculptymaps. The main reason people lag with mesh right now is because the 1.x veiwers don’t impliment it fully. It’s more a work around to get mesh to work in 1.x viewers.” Yavin explained. He really knows his shit guys, “Soon though mesh will be the norm.. the same things were said about sculpty when it was first introduced.. “Oh it’s laggy… Oh it’s just a phase” I’ve been in SL since 2005 … lol.. before even flexi prims 😀

I tested out one of Doomsayers’ bows and I found that even shooting it in a marketplace that the speed and rezzing for it was quite good. Yavin told me that by using mesh arrows that they were able to size the arrows perfectly to the GM allowed weapon size, which allows for less lag, less rezzing cost and simply a better arrow. I was pretty impressed to be honest. But I can’t say that I know much about scripting or weapon building. I don’t even know that much about the GM meter except how it handles in combat and the idea of a ‘cone’ and percentage hits.  I think everyone who knows much about the meter or SL Gor knows that the meter needs to be rebuilt and redone, kind of like how the rest of our little world inside out computers continually changes and turns into something better.

I asked Hanley about how much Doomsayers might be willing to educate the public about their weapons and how to actually optimize how well they can use them. Hanley, being the guy he is answered me very well and with great explanation. “As far as teaching things about weaponry and the meters, it’s easier said than done. A weapon to a gorean is their livelihood in survival, there’s only so much you can show them before they really have to venture out and make an attempt to put it to use. One thing I think will benefit our users though, is as we grow, we may be able to offer tournaments and events in which we can bring people together and coordinate fights just as they would appear in actuality–give players that want to learn, a chance to do so without the inevitable chance of capture or death.” Even if really sitting down and having someone teach you about the meter and weapons was possible, its still a little difficult, but with the idea of tourney’s and spars being more available it could really help out raiders and frequent fighters.

Of course I touched on the point of the competition of other weapons makers and how Doomsayers felt about their standings so far in SL Gor. I mainly asked about Centipede Weapons, which has very taken over the scene with gorgeous textures on nice sculpts and has been selling mesh bows and a scripted color changing bow called The Chameleon. Yavin had good things to say about Centipede, saying that the builds were really nice and had no serious comments about the competition between the two. Hanley went on to tell me what he thought; ” I think what it all boils down to is what can your company offer the players, that they find appealing, and then let them make the choice between companies as to what they want to use and who they want to support. There’s no doubt that companies like LR, Primus, and Centipede all have good products and a great fanbase, but we’ve also got to look at it from a perspective of, “What can we do that they haven’t done? What are they doing well? And what is the driving method to their fanbase?

Now here’s the big kicker guys. Centipede Weapons, Primus, and LR have one serious thing in common. All their bows are 600 linden. Doomsayers? 350L. I had to see the store at Viktel to believe it, but when I did I’m sure I made this face.

Ohmagawd! Really!?

Yes Lolcat, REALLY.

So seriously, between the kick ass price for a weapon that’s got tight scripting, uses mesh arrows, comes with a built in grapple/door pass rezzer, and has user customization down to the firing sound I really don’t even need to tell you anything more to even sell these weapons or tell you about how cool Doomsayers really is. Even Hanley had a quote for the end of this one and its pretty perfect in my opinion.

“It’s just how the market rolls, Who can do what first, and then, who can do it best?” ~ Hanley Speiser

So…Goreans, game on. 🙂


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